Kayak Fishing: Inflatable Kayaks may be the Next Big Thing

Kayak fishing has become a popular style of fishing over the past ten years. There is a big difference between fishing kayaks and other kayaks. They are usually rigged with a large number of fishing accessories. These associates can be easily added to any regular kayak, prompting the creation of a line of kayaks specifically designed for anglers. Despite all these advancements, avid kayak anglers are still using a different style of kayak.

Inflatable kayaks were once considered toys. However, today’s inflatable kayaks aren’t any different from their predecessors. Inflatable kayaks were often as lightweight and fragile as a swimming pool raft. Modern inflatable kayaks are incredibly safe and can be purchased from reputable manufacturers. They are puncture-proof and durable. Inflatables have both pros and cons, just like any other type of kayak. However, they seem to offer a fair tradeoff for the benefits that can only be found in fishing kayaks.

Let’s start with the cons. Inflatable kayaks can be more challenging to maneuver and paddle, and they are slower than a rigid kayak. While this might be a significant advantage if you purchase a kayak to tour, kayak fishing isn’t an issue. Kayak anglers tend to spend more time sitting still or drifting while casting and retrieving than they do paddling at speed. It may also be extra challenging for people to add all the accessories they like. It is easy to add any accessory you want to rigid kayaks. It is commonly known as “rigging.”

Standard accessories include rod holders, tackle boxes mountings and compartments, as well as bait containers. There are also a variety of automated devices such as GPS, cell phone holders, and marine radios. It is not suggested to drill holes in an inflatable kayak. Many DIY riggers find that a few plastic D-rings and some duct tape can attach mounting points and attachment points to inflatable kayaks. Self-rigging enthusiasts have discovered that a heavy-duty plastic cutting board, usually for kitchen counter use, can be bungee corded onto an inflatable kayak. It creates a hard surface to mount the usual electronics.

What is driving this surge in inflatable kayak sales? Portability is the number one reason. The inflatable fishing kayak can easily be folded up and carried in a backpack to go to remote fishing spots that cannot be reached by any other boat. You can buy most inflatables with a carry pack that can be used as either a backpack or a shoulder bag. It is easy to take them to remote fishing areas without bringing along an extra tackle box. Many anglers keep a list of small and secret fishing spots that are difficult to reach by long hikes. It is impossible to transport any watercraft with you to these sites.

After years of being limited to shore fishing and walking around the edges, these areas have been opened up for people to get out on the water to fish where the big fish are. It is a minor difficulty to inflate your boat before starting, but it is worth it if you are the only one with a fishing kayak. The average person can easily carry an inflatable kayak to places that would otherwise not allow them to have a canoe or rigid kayak.

Many other benefits to the inflatable kayak will help you seal the deal on its popularity. They are light enough to take on hikes with them, and they can also be easily lifted from your car to get to the beach. An inflatable kayak weighs about half as much as a comparable sized rigid kayak. Many tandem inflatable kayaks weigh less than single wooden kayaks. They can fit in the trunk of any car or the back seat. Another benefit is the ability to store your kayak in the off-season. A winter storage facility for rigid kayaks usually requires a garage, storage building, or outside the rack.

However, a deflated kayak usually doesn’t require as much storage space as a cooler. The price is another consideration. Inflatable kayaks cost half as much as a comparable sized, rigid model. Many kayak anglers have turned to inflatable kayak fishing because of the additional savings.

The inflatable kayak is fast becoming the next big thing for kayak fishing. Many pros to it outweigh any cons.